OOTD#6: Brrrr… Verrrry Berrrry


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Berry tones may not be the newest colour trend, but in my opinion they’re simply perfect for the fall and winter. They get updated worn from head to toe, since monochrome looks have become quite fashionable. With this trend, it is important to have different textures: in this case the pullover from young German designer Malaikaraiss has a graphic, slightly metallic surface and the coated jeans look a little like leather…

OOTD Monochrom-1012977

OOTD Monochrom-1012969

Considering it has gotten quite cold here, I could not go without my gigantic scarve and the fluffy faux fur coat — no matter the trend:) Do you like this look? What are your thoughts on the monochrome trend?

And this would be the outfit with finds from the current sales:


Faux fur jacket: H&M (35€), Bucket Bag: Even&Odd (27,95€), pullover: Marc O’Polo (44,95€), Coated Jeans: School Rag (44,95€), checked scarve: Mint&Berry (24,95€), boots: Maripé (from 103€)


Dream bags: from luxury to outrageous luxury


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No matter how much I’ve eaton over the holidays, I never feel too fat for handbags. Maybe that explains my current obsession with bags:) Anyhow, a beautiful quality handbag can upgrade any outfit and certain classics guarantee jealous looks from fashionistas. Unfortunately, these models are far outside of my budget (which doesn’t deter me from putting the PS11 into my online shopping basket every now and then just to dream…).  If your bankaccount also says “NO!” to the iconic Chanel 2.55, I’ve had a look around for some luxurious but comparatively affordable bags:

Collage Taschenträume2

Is there a designer handbag you’ve been dreaming of? And what are your thoughts on these luxury items in general, waste of money or wardrobe investment?

OOTD#5: Oho — Boho!


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This constant awful weather is really getting to me. You can’t necessarily tell from the look on my face but rather from my clothes: the colours are sad, the fedora hides the extent of my bad — I should say worst — hair day, the cardigan is cut loosely and feels incredibly soft and the scarf is almost a snuggly blanket to walk around with. When I bought it recently at Zara, the shop assistant tried to untangle the supposed two to five scarves she was expecting until I told her it was one seriously big one — perfect for me;) My oversized leather shorts have become something of wardrobe staple (s. OOTD#3), I still absolutely love them. All of these items make for a supercosy, easy outfit; perfect to be comfortable yet not lost in the crowd.



Hut: Seeberger (TK Maxx), Schal: Zara (aktuell), Cardigan: Bershka, Shorts: vintage, Boots: Pimkie (aktuell), Armreif: Souvenir

While looking at these pictures I noticed that this look is once again quite boho (and that I should have draped the scarf differently — too late…). It’s funny how sometimes it takes a picture for me to be aware of the overall impression! How about you, do you know the feeling of missing the sun desperately? And what do you think about this look?

OOTD#4: Falltime Hippie

In the summertime I love 70s inspired dresses and skirts, but for some reason I haven’t ever attempted a boho look in the colder months — it’s about time! Thankfully, I came across this khaki maxiskirt and sheer black top with its geometric leather details in the H&M Sale, so this outfit pretty much put itself together…

Rock, Top, Hut: H&M, (Faux-)Lederjacke: Bershka, Boots: Sommerkind, Schmuck: Primark

skirt, top, hat: H&M, similar here, here and here; (Faux-)leatherjacket: Bershka, similar here
Ring: Six, Ohrstecker: Primark
Ring: Six, Earring: Primark

Except for the floppy hat, I kept the accessories quite simple:


Do you like this look? And would you wear something similar?

TAG: Autumn makes me happy


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Frankly, I’m a summer girl. I have to repeat this mantra of “autumn makes me happy” and focus on the following aspects to make it ’til christmas time.


rotes Blatt-231894

Cosy sweaters


Coffee, coffee, coffee


Open fire






“Autumn is the spring of winter.”
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

rotes Blatt-231908

What makes you happy in the gloomy days of autumn? Feel free to link to similar posts in the comment section!

OOTD#3: Stripes and Leather


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Today I was feeling an easy, slightly edgy outfit so I paired a striped shirt with my leather shorts and biker jacket. Please excuse the grumpy look on my face, my feet were a little wet…


Showing off the earrings..

Faux-Lederjacke: Pull&Bear, Shirt: H&M (klick), Shorts: vintage, Strumphose und Ohrringe: Primark, Uhr: Michael Kors

Faux-Lederjacke: Pull&Bear, Shirt: H&M (klick), Shorts: vintage, Strumphose und Ohrringe: Primark, Uhr: Michael Kors

How do you like this look? Are you getting sick of striped shirts or do you still like them?

OOTD#2: Rockin’ Ballerina


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Yet again, I’m sorry for my long abscence, my job has been crazy lately. But now that I’ve got my new camera, I’m supermotivated and can’t wait to get blogging! As you can tell by the quality, these pics were still taken with my IPhone camera, but in this weather I couldn’t recreate them and I wanted to show you this girly rock look.


Faux leather jacket: Bershka (29,99€), dress: Zara (vintage), Boots: Görtz 17 (99,95€)

for this bun: braid a high fishtail, twist it and pin it into a bun

Schmuck: Primark, Nagellack: Rimmel

jewellery: Primark, nailpolish: Rimmel

Do you like this combination or is it too confusing? Personally I like these contrasts, I think they make an outfit more exciting, but they’re probably not everybody’s cup of tea…

OOTD: Oldie but Goldie


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My favourite website CLLCT, which is the product of some of the most successful German fashion bloggers, has asked their readers to show an item in their wardrobe which is OLD but GOLD.

So this is my personal oldie, a family heirloom LBD, in which my great aunt used to party in the 8os. It might not fit perfectly, but for the memories I have of this dress, I always feel special wearing it.

I have to apologize for the awful quality of my pictures, now that my digicam has died a sad death my Iphone camera will have to do ’til Christmas. Especially with the little light we have here in autumn and winter, the photos don’t usually turn out well.

Dress, faux fur vest: vintage, necklace: H&M, bracelet: Mango

With the pistol boots, the statement jewellery and the messy hair I tried to make the look more current. I needed the vest for warmth (and its cuddliness;). Do you think this is wearable? Do you have oldies in your closet, too? Then show me and tell their story, I’m so curious!

Windowshopping Online: Bershka, Pull&Bear


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I find it sooooo difficult to resist these gorgeous Pull and Bear and Bershka pieces…

1) Vest by Pull&Bear: 49,99€
2) Bikerboots by Bershka: 99,99€
3) Stonewashed Jeans by Bershka: 29,99€
4) Sunglasses by Pull&Bear: 19,99€
5) Necklace Bershka: 6,99€
6) Pullover by Pull&Bear: 39,99€
7) Faux leather jacket by Bershka: 59,99€
8) Shirt by Bershka: 25,99€
9) Blazer by Bershka: 49,99€
10) Jacket by Bershka: 35,99€
11) Ring with pearls by Bershka: 6,99€
12) Top with silver detailing by Bershka: 19,99€
13) Studded jacket by Pull&Bear: 59,99€
14) Studded boots by Pull&Bear: 69,99€
15) Maxiskirt by Bershka: 35,99€
16) Shirt with applications by Bershka: 14,99€
17) Braided scarf by Pull&Bear: 19,99€

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vest and the sunglasses, I might not be able to say no to these favorites… What do you think about this selection, does anything appeal to you?