I used to hate the question “What’s your favourite novel?” I just found it so difficult to limit myself to a single book, because my taste is constantly changing. However, throughout the years, one titel always popped up: Alice in Wonderland, so this is now my standard answer. I generally find quirky, crazy, funny books really fascinating, e.g. Don Quijote or Tristram Shandy. But while I love these two, I grew up with Alice and it doesn’t just challenge me intellectually, I’m emotionally attached to this book.  

I really fell in love with Alice, once I had purchased this edition:

Not only is this edition beautifully bound and made up, it also includes the original illustrations by Tenniel (see above) and Martin Gardner’s detailed commentary. He is THE expert on anything Alice. His annotations consists of historical information, biographic background but also interesting speculation. The ULTIMATE edition!

To conclude I should probably explain the relationship between this amazing novel and my little blog and nickname… First of all, I’m a fan, a huuuuuuuuge fan. Also, sometimes I see myself as Alice in the crazy wonderland of shopping, where this blog is meant to offer a little bit of guidance.  As a consumer, don’ t you think „Curioser and curioser“ all too often???