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I first came across this Tag on ChrissyCosmetic’s Channel. She named five categories, for each of which you’re supposed to introduce your favourites. Since I don’t like to spend too much money on makeup items and like to try new things, I end up shopping at drugstores almost exclusively anyway. So I have tested lots of products and ended up with the following favourites:

1. Lipsticks and Lipglosses

a) Lipsticks

As you will see, I love subtle “Your lips but better”-shades. With my skin tone (olive, cold) that basically means nude pinks. My absolute favourite is Airy Fairy by Rimmel, a beautiful rosy tone with a creamy texture. It lasts longer than the sheer Essence lipstick All About Cupcake, whose subtle pink shade and easy application I like a lot. Like all P2 lipsticks Kärntner Straße is a little bit drier and tends to highlight the lip lines, but I still love this nude colour with a smokey eye.

Rimmel Airy Fairy, Essence All About Cupcake, P2 Kärntner Straße, Essence I like Cotton Cancy, My Favorite Milkshake

b) Lipglosses

Generally, I don’t like glittery lips and most of the cheaper lipglosses glow like a discoball. This is why I have one clear favourite: all Essence Stay all Day lipglosses. Beautiful colours, just enough couverage, appealing shades.

2. Eyeshadows

a) Powder Eyeshadows

Manhattan Carbon, Essence White Hype, Basic Duo 19, Essence Black Out, Catrice C'mon ChameleonFor years I have been using Manhattan’s Carbon in the outer corner of the eye and in the crease, the colour just works with every makeup. I always highlight the inner corner of my eye, either with White Hype from the Essence Black and White Limited Edition or slightly more subtly with the champagne shade from the Basic Duo No.19. Instead of eyeliner, I normally use black eyeshadow for a softer effect. Even if I use proper eyeliner, I go over it with Black Out from the same LE,  to make it last longer. Also I LOVE Catrice’s Club dupe, C’mon Chameleon, but unfortunately it doesn’t look great since I dropped it on the floor…

b) Cream Eyeshadows

Cosnova (the company that owns the brands Essence und CatricCatrice Jennifer's Goldrush, Essence Steel the Showe) has recently introduced cream shadows called Stay all Day and Made to Stay. They work well both as a base or on their own, but they do crease if I use too much product.

3. Blush

Manhattan Pink Gaudi, Dirndl LoveBecause I prefer matt blushes, I rarely find anything in the drugstore. Can you imagine how happy I was about the Manhattan Oktoberfest LE??

4. Eyeliner

It’s fairly easy to find good kohl kajals at P2, as they are creamy, easy to apply and sometimes even have smudgers included to facilitate blending. I like the gel eyeliner  Mother Earth is Watching You from the Essence Natventurista LE as a base and around the bottom lashes. For an intense evening look I make use of Catrice’s black gel liner.

P2 Stylish Great Britain, Catrice Black Jack with Jack Black, Essence Mother Earth is Watching You

5. Eyeliner

Generally, I like P2 nail varnishes the most, because they are easy to apply and last pretty long. The small Essence Colour & Go-polishes, offer a great colour choice and they are so cheap. All of these last longer with the Topcoat from the Essence Better than Gel Nails line.

 Essence Where is the Party, Basic 451, Essence Love, Essence Love me tender, P2 Black Pearl, Essence Top Coat

6. Basics

a) Astor Mattitude HD Foundation (002 Porcelain) provides average coverage and works best with a primer. I like that it includes sun screen and makes the skin look more even. b) I use the Essence Soft Touch Mousse Makeup (03 Matt Honey) as a bronzer like MeinJadore recommended. c) The Garnier Eye roll-on cools the eye area and makes it look brighter with its light-reflecting particles.