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Do you have to feed the family over the holidays? Can’t your little nephews and nieces appreciate a fine bouillabaisse? Or do you like me, have the culinary preferences of an eleven-year-old? Then this supersimple recipe might be for you: fishfingers with mustard sauce.

For four:

1 packet of fish fingers
4 cups of rice
salad dressing / vinegar and olive oil

You can either stir-fry the fish fingers in a pan or for a low-fat preparation bake them in the oven as explained on the packaging. Shortly afterwards you cook the rice.

For the mustard sauce you need:
40g butter
40g flour
250ml clear soup
250ml milk
3 TS mustard
lemon juice

First, you melt the butter, then you brown the flour in it and deglaze it with clear soup and milk. Next, you add the mustard, lemon juice, salt and sugar to taste. Now this just has to simmer until it has reached the right consistency.

Finally, you dress the salad, the fish fingers and the rice and you are done in just twenty minutes. Bon Appetit!