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Once you have used up a product, you can really judge whether it does its job properly. You automatically ask yourself if you want to repurchase it or try out something new. These are the products I have recently used up:

  • Dove Beauty Bar (<1€): my alternative to a shower gel. I have been using it for years and never want to do without it. It cleans the skin effectively like soap without drying it out and has a very subtle smell.  I love that because I really like my perfume and I don’t want to smell like several different beauty products.
  • Balea Leicht-Kämm-Shampoo (<1€): I got this travel size for a weekend trip and only used it once. It is very gentle and facilitates combing. But since I don’t apply hair products with silicone any more, I used it  to clean my brushes, for which it works very well (I also loved the way they smelled after cleaning). Nonetheless, I won’t repurchase it because of the ingredients.
  • Normaderm Cleansing Fluid (11,60€): a good investment. The Normaderm Skin Series cleared my skin up the most and I would stick with it if only it didn’t dry my skin out. In summer, when my skin gets a little bit oilier, I will repurchase it. Right now I am using a cheap drugstore alternative, as my pharmacist said that toners don’t actually differ that much in terms of their formula.
  • Catrice Multi Colour Compact Powder, sand (4,49€): This powder is dark enough for me to use it as a matt bronzer. I like the silky texture and the pigmentation, but unfortunately it has that hint of orange that I dislike. It just doesn’t suit me, so I’m looking for alternatives.
  • Alverde Augentrost Eye Cream (3,49€): a product I definetely recommend, a very gentle eye cream with organic ingredients. The only reason I have switched to the Vital eye cream, is my age and the fact that I like something almost greasy, especially for the winter. Also, I can see the first wrinkles, so my skin seems to need something very rich. But Alverde Augentrost is the perfect product for young people, also, it’s super affordable and it lasted me three months (applying it twice a day).
  • Essence Nail Art Protecting Base Coat (1,95€): It worked quite well at first, the brush is great and accordingly it is easy to apply. However, the polished dried pretty soon and it was difficult to work with that consistency. In the beginning, it was a good foundation for my nailpolishes, but it never made them last longer. That’s why I prefer the P2 Base+Care Coat.