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First of all, Californication is not for goody-goody moralizers. Alcohol, drugs, sex and promiscuity play a vital role in this Showtime series. The title reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album, which is why I first tuned in. By now I have realised that this name is a blending of California (L.A. is the location and sometimes issue of the series) and fornication (no need to explain…) and thus seizes two of the main topics.

The central character of the series, named Hank Moody, enacted brilliantly by David Duchovny, is a successful writer from New York. Since his bestseller was turned into a schmaltzy Hollywood blockbuster, he has been suffering from writer’s block. Also, his ex-wife Karen, with whom he is still in love, has moved to L.A. with his daughter Becca, so he decides to follow them. Whatever he does in the city of Angels goes utterly wrong, but Hank is so smooth, his failure just makes you laugh out loud.

Man or woman, whoever likes black humour and doesn’t have a problem with dirty jokes will love Californication. Season 5 has just started, don’t miss it!