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It’s completely natural to sweat when you’re working out, but other than that you probably don’t want to smell of sweat. I’m only writing about this unpleasant topic, because I have found a solution: Syneo 5. At the moment I have quite a few job interviews, such stressful situations, and this is the first deodorant that has survived my panic.  Syneo has a great range of products, but so far I have only tested the unisex antitranspirant spray.

Syneo 5  is entirely odourless, which I love, since it doesn’t interfere with my perfume. The deodorant is full of alcohol and aluminium, so it stings on recently shaved skin (not a problem, I simply apply it at night). The best thing about this is that it actually works for five days. That’s why I can get over the price of 16€, one bottle lasts quite a while. When I wanted to repurchase it a month ago, I found out that my local pharmacy produces a deodorant with almost exactly the same ingredients and for a better price. However, their product only works for about three days, so next time I’ll go back to the original.

Unfortunately, all of this does have a bitter aftertaste: it is not that healthy. Many of the ingredients are not recommendable, it even includes a small amount of a carcinogenic substance. Therefore, I can’t recommend this product wholeheartedly, although it does an amazing job. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a deodorant that has been both effective and safe in terms of its ingredients, so for now, this is my solution.