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I’m awaiting these movies so eagerly! While I was reading their literary inspirations, I was creating my own mental images, now I’m superexcited to know how these books have been transformed into films.

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (U.S.-version, Thriller, release date U.S. December 20, 2011, this is on my list since in my home country it will take until January): I liked the dark Swedish version, I’m curious how Hollywood deals with this material.
  • The Hunger Games (Sci-Fi Thriller, release date U.S. March 23, 2012): This is the movie I’m looking forward to the most. Last year I gobbled down these books in just a few nights, now I can’t wait for the movie!
  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Fantasy Adventure, U.S. release date December 14, 2012): Peter Jackson’s spectacular Lord of the Ring have been a part of my youth and motivated me to read the world famous trilogy. But my favourite J.R.R. Tolkien novel is The Hobbit, so I’m really looking forward to this movie…