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Inspired by Blair Fowler’s videos I will confess my beauty sins and deduce some new year’s resolutions. In a month and in a year I will let you know if I really abide by them…

1. Sloth

I am technically aware of the importance of sunscreen to prevent wrinkles and — more importantly — skin cancer. Nonetheless, I only apply sunblocker in at the height of summer. Beside laziness there is another reason for my neglect: my acne-prone skin reacts badly to all sun cremes I have tested so far. That’s why I intend to look for a product that doesn’t make me break out.

2. Gluttony

Instead of buying lots of cheap makeup products that don’t satisfy me a hundred percent, I will go with quality next year. Then I will also have less products standing around and more of an overview…

3. Envy

Unfortunately I am not that happy with the texture of my hair, I get jealous of girls with either shiny, sleek, superstraight hair or voluminous curls and accordingly ill-treat it with heat and styling products. My natural, air-dried hair is really not that attractive, so I plan to try out some new hairstyles in 2012, braid my hair and wear it in a ponytail or bun more often.

4. Lust

I love reading beauty blogs or watching recommendations on Youtube, but just because a product is hyped, I DON’T NEED TO BUY IT! I already own several highlighters, so why did I have to greedily grab the one from the new Essence LE??? I will not be doing that any more. First, I need to use up the products that I already own.

5. Laziness

This morning, my legs got a few new scratches once again, because I just don’t use shaving foam. This is perhaps down to the fact that I am ALWAYS LATE, but it also has to do with me not wanting to spend more money on my beauty routine. Recently, I read on a blog that you can also use conditioner as a substitute for shaving foam. Since my switch to silicone-free hair products, I have lots of useless conditioners standing around my bathroom, so I will definetely give that a shot.

6. Avarice

Skin care for my face is superimportant to me, in return I neglect my neck and décolleté. Now I even have wrinkles on my neck, is that normal for a 25-year old?? As of now, I will moisturize these areas just as thorougly as my face, I have an Alterra Pomegranate Cream which is too rich for my face anyway, so that won’t go to waste.

7. Vanity

As I mentioned before, I am always late in the mornings. The first step I skip in my beauty routine is always applying bodylotion. From now on, I will rather do without eyeshadow, bronzer, blusher or highlighter and use that time to take care of my skin. I think my priorities need to change when it comes to this.

I’m really curious how this goes, I’ll let you know how I’m doing in a month from now!