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This is the first blogpost in which I announce a Limited Edition. So far, I have refrained from doing that because there are already lots of sites where you get bombarded with this kind of information / advertisement. However, the press announcement of this LE, which is supposed to come out in February, has wowed me so much I just have to present it here:

As you can see, this collection is inspired by nymphs, that is nature spirits of Greek and Roman mythology, Godesses. Accordingly, the focus lies on warm colours (green, brown, red, orange), but there are a few nude nuances. The following products are part of the LE:

  • Lip Colour Cream, 3 Nuancen (C01 Spring Kiss, C02 Blossom und C03 Nymph’s Glow),  3,79 Euro: The lightest colour is right up my alley, no sparkle, just perfect, let’s see if I can resist!
  • Lashes to Mystify, 3,99 Euro: These would be perfect for Carneval, gorgeous…
  • Smokey Eyes Set (050 Love, Peas & Harmony), 4,49 Euro: will be part of the regular line. If the pigmentation is good, I would consider it, I’m sure it will make hazel eyes really come out.
  • Intensif’eye Wet&Dry Shadow (020 Charly’s Chocolate Factory und 040 Have You Seen Alice?)3,79 Euro: will also be part of the regular collection. Just the names could seduce me…
  • Unbeleaf‘able Blush (C01 Dancing Nymphs), 4,49 Euro: at first sight it’s the highlight of the LE. On the press pictures it seems neutral, almost cold-toned, and lovely, but if it is orange, like they say, it wouldn’t suit me.
  • Eye Liner Pen (060 Black Green), 2,99 Euro: will be part of the regular line. Would go perfectly with the smokey eye kit.
  • Lashes to Kill Mascara Black-Green Eye-Opening Effect Mascara (C01 Black-Green), 3,99 Euro: coloured mascara just isn’t my thing. Either it looks a little strange or the effect is so subtle that you don’t really notice it.
  • Ultimate Nail Lacquer, 5 Nuancen (C01 Be Pool,670 It's Rambo No. 5, 830 Salmon & Garfunkel, 690 Fred Said Red und 710 Dulce & Havanna)Ultimate Nail Lacquer (C01 Be Pool,670 It’s Rambo No. 5, 830 Salmon & Garfunkel, 690 Fred Said Red und 710 Dulce & Havanna), 2,49 Euro: I almost forgot about the nail polishes… They supposedly have a bigger brush, which I would like to try out. I will definetely take a look at the nude colour and the lilaccy taupe.

So I’m really looking forward to February and I’ll let you know if any of these products live up to my high expectations…