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To fight breakouts effectively it is necessary to know their cause. To put it simply, pimples develop when the sebaceous glands produce too much oil and clog the pores. Bacteria that feed of these oils cause inflammation. However, acne is a very complex topic, it has to do with hormonal causes and if you have severe acne, you should really consult a dermatologist. This post is just about simple tricks to prevent pimples and scarring, by keeping away bacteria and getting rid of too much oil.

1. Hygiene

You should avoid touching your face, because you carry bacteria on your hands. So don’t rest your head on your hands!

You should change your pillowcases as often as you can. Personally, I find that too much of a hassle, so I simply put a fresh towel over my pillow every night.

Towels also need to be changed daily and you need seperate towels for your hands and your face.

Your hair has to be away from your face! The hair is also full of tallow, bacteria and of course hair products, which are not helpful for the skin on your face. That’s why I wear my hair in a bun at night and in the shower after washing my hair I clean my face meticulously. Pimples around the hairline often have to do with shampoo residue!

Brushes must be washed regularly! I try to wash those for liquid or creamy consistencies daily, powder brushes twice a week. I rub them in a tissue with olive oil and wipe them off until most of the colour is gone and then I wash them with a mild kids’ shampoo.

2. Skin Care

Produkte, die ich zurzeit verwendeThis is about keeping the golden mean. You should cleanse your skin, but not stress it. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your face in the mornings and at night, for example with a washing gel and a toner. It doesn’t help to dry out your skin with harsh products, because the reaction will be to produce even more oil. It is essential to take your makeup off at night, because that’s when the skin regenerates and makeup will clog your pores. Moisturizing doesn’t do any harm as long as you resort to non-comedogenic, mineral oil free creams. In addition, current breakouts can be fought with spot-on-treatments like tea tree oil.

Acnefighting products often include active ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. The former inhibits the overproduction of horny cells and fights acne bacteria. Salicylic acid is supposed to soften horny bits of the skin and facilitate the effluent flow of sebum.

Peelings get rid off dead skin cells and can thus avoid blocked pores. But you shouldn’t be overusing these, because if applied more than once or twice a week, they can irritate the skin. I have also had good experiences with self-heating masks, that have a warming, clearing effct and I whole-heartedly recommend steamy baths and healing clay masks.

3. Squeezing your pimples

Please don’t do that! The scarring can last you a lifetime! However, if you just can’t help yourself, because you have an interview and you can see the whitehead… at least sterilize the area, sting the zit with a sterilized needle and hold a paper tissue to it that can absorb the pus.

4. Diet

The relationship between nutrition and acne is a controversial subject in the scientific world. But you can easily find out for yourself, whether or not certain foods have a negative impact on your skin by simply not consuming them for a month. Possible causes are sugar and dairy products. What is, however, pretty clear, is that you need to drink enough water for a beautiful skin, basically the skin consists of 80% water. Thus, you also stimulate the blood flow and support your metabolism.

5. For girls/women: With certain birth control pills you can fight hormonal acne quite effectively. But these pills are highly dosed and full of progesterones, which can affect your mood and even lead to severe depressions. So if you decide to take these pills, you should observe yourself. Also, you have to wait for up to three months to see results.

6. For men: dry shaves are more gentle, which is great for inflammation and causes less irritations.

I hope these tips helped and if you have different or additional information, please post it in the comments below.