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Sorry about the mixup, that was the post for my German blog… Here’s the Translation:

These are my two treasures I have been using since I was a Teenager. Of course, it was my mum who got me these, my investments back then were light blue eyeshadow, cakey powder and black liner. I got rid of those, but I still use these two. Obviously, I had to sanitise them every now and then, and they still do a great job! The eyeshadow is by Lancaster, a Chameleon Eyeshadow in Olive Attitude 210, amazing pigmentation and a satin finish, I still love it! The lipstick is Clinique, Long Last Lipstick G4 Lustrous Soft Shine. I don’t make use of it as often, because the tiny silver shimmer particles don’t always stay on my lips and make my teeth look slightly stained. That’s a shame, since the texture is super soft and moisturizing, not that long-lasting, it reminds me more of YSL Rouge Volupte. By the way, this line is still available! I can definitely recommend it in terms of longevity:-))

If you love digging in the past, too, please feel tagged and show off your antiquities!