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  • AOK Pfirsichhaut Fluid: I loved and used this moisturizer all summer long. In autumn I decided to go look for a richer product and failed miserably. Since I started to use less severe cleansers at the end of december, this fluid provides enough moisture. Sometimes I add a richer night cream for dry spots.
  • Burt’s Bees Lipbalm: My lips have been suffering from the cold outside and the central heating inside, Burt’s Bees worked miracles. I even like the slightly peculiar smell of honey.
  • H&M Bronzer: for my light, olivy skin this is the best bronzer I know. It doesn’t have a red/orangey tint to it, doesn’t sparkle, is very subltle and easily blendable. It’s just perfect for me!
  • Sulfoderm Powder: a good friend recommended this for my acne-prone skin. I wouldn’t say that it actually fights impurities, but at least it doesn’t provoke new ones. This is a very finely milled, transparent powder, so you won’t look cakey at all. I use it to mattify my t-zone ever so slightly, what I like about this most, is the subtle effect and the little bit of glow it still leaves on the skin.
  • Alverde Eyeshadow Brush: pretty big and soft, cheap and yet it doesn’t lose any hair. Not only does this brush made of real hair apply eyeshadows quickly and evenly, it can also be used to blend.
  • Sleek Storm Palette: includes all the colours I need to look ‘professional’ and some darker shades for a night out. All the shadows are well pigmented and easy to work with. If you use a lot of product, you might end up with a bit of fallout, but I don’t mind that so much. Combined with an eyeshadow base they also don’t crease.

    I have marked my favourites, I use the matt black as an eyeliner

  • Alterra Feuchtigkeitsshampoo und -spülung Granatapfel: Ever since I stopped using silicones in my hair care, my hair is less soft and a little drier, but it breaks a lot less, is more voluminous and curly and a lot healthier. These very affordable, natural Rossmann-products provide moisture and shine. I don’t want to have to do without them again!


  • Fabiani Powder Brush: my biggest flop of the month. With the amount of hair it loses, it will have vanished come March. This mispurchase really bothers me, because I’ll have to throw it away.
  • Rival der Loop Nailpolish (Shade 44): The colour is absolutely gorgeous, your nails look superpolished and shine really elegantly. Unfortunately, the nail polish takes forever to dry and you need four(!!) coats to get good coverage. With so many coats the varnish is so heavy, it dents with every touch. Even Base- and Topcoats can’t save it. I’ve been looking for a similar shade in better quality, but so far I haven’t been successful.
  • Catrice Ultimate Nudes Nailpolish „Mona Lisa’s Smile“: This nailpolish is on sale, but even at a low price I can’t recommend it. It is too sheer, a little bit glittery and difficult to remove.
  • AS Suncream Face: I don’t want to bash this product, I can just write about my experience with it and my skin is very demanding. Unfortunately, it has broken me out badly, so I can’t keep using it on my face.
  • Rival de Loop Ultimate Volume Fake Lashes Mascara: this is really not a bad product, it just doesn’t match up to my favourites and is therefore a waste of money for me. It does make your eyelashes look dark and long, but what bothers me about it is the way it makes your lashes feel: rockhard. For some people that might even be an advantage, because this mascara will hold a curl, I just dislike the feeling. Also, it is quite difficult to remove which really annoys me. However, I’m very high maintenance when it comes to mascaras ever since I discovered Artdeco’s All in One, so you shouldn’t feel discouraged from giving this bargain a try.