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I luuuuuuv Christina Perri’s album lovestrong., especially this song my mom introduced me to, it’s called “Bang Bang Bang”:

Since young female stars often start or influence fashion trends, I wanted to check out her fashion sense. After looking at lot and lots of photos, I’vecome to the conclusion that Christina’s personal style is very laid-back, simple and a little bit rock’n roll. She likes to wear jeans, boots, striped shirts and studded bracelets, nothing unusual really.

I'm in love with this guitar bracelet...

On the red carpet and on stage you often see Christina in girly dresses made of materials like lace or tulle. In combination with her numerous tattoos, the blonde streak and DocMartens, it still ends up looking quite edgy and rock-chic, it reminds me a little bit of Avril Lavigne.

Even though her style is not entirely new and revolutionary, I still like it. Christina never looks overdone and too dressed up. What do you think of her music and her style?