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Horror, shock, AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Seriously, I enjoy cosmetics, but if I had to, I could live without them. If I had to choose between chocolate and makeup, I would always go for chocolate;)

But if a wicked witch stole all my cosmetics tomorrow, here’s what I would (re-)purchase first:

  • My morning makeup routine always starts and ends with undereye concealer. I struggle with dark circles and bags under my eyes and I swear by Touche Magique by L’Oreal. Beige Rosé is my perfect winter shade.
  • Vichy Dermablend Foundation: During my worst acne phase, I discovered this product and it made my life so much easier. It is a very heavy coverage foundation that leans toward a yellow shade. Now, I like to mix it with my moisturizer, because otherwise it looks slightly unnatural and luckily I don’t need that much coverage any more. The pure product is also the perfect concealer for blemishes and lasts for hours when it is fixed with powder.
  • This is what I use the Sulfoderm Loose Powder is for. It’s supposed to fight impurities, but I don’t know if that’s true. At least it doesn’t cause any. Also, it is very finely milled and transparent, therefore the finish is very natural.
  • I always apply it with the Catrice Powder Brush from Urban Baroque LE, which I probably couldn’t repurchase. But the Essence Powder Brush looks very similar to it, so that would be my replacement.
  • Also, I couldn’t do without the Alverde Eyeshadow Brush, which is thankfully still available. It is big, fluffy, soft, simply perfect to apply and blend powder eyeshadows. 
  • For an eyeliner, be it with a gel liner or a dark eyeshadow, I like the Essence Eyeliner Brush. Also, it is an amazing bargain!
  • I definitely need a base for longer days, so the eyeshadow doesn’t escape into my lid fold in no time. The most reliable product I have ever tested for that purpose is the Artdeco Eyeshadow Base. The glitter in it doesn’t bother me and I like the way it intensifies all colours.
  • For a whole new beginning, I might actually invest in a high end eyeshadow palette, for example the Urban Decay Naked Palette (version 1). Should my bank balance not have changed, I would go for the Sleek Storm Palette again. The pigmentation is great and it includes all the necessary neutral colours for a lovely office look or too fill in your eyebrows, an intense, matt black for a nice eyeliner and a few ‘Wow’ colours for an evening look, for instance the two blue tones.
  • For contouring and to generally not look dead, I can’t do without the H&M Bronzer. I love it, because it’s matt, but not too matt, it doesn’t turn patchy and works perfectly with the olive undertones in my skin. Lots of bronzers look very orange on me, this blends into my skin more seamlessly than all the high-end products I have ever tried.
  • If I could only get one blush, I would not want to deny myself a luxury product. At the moment I am totally in love with Pink Kiss by Estée Lauder. It is not just more pigmented, it also lasts longer than any of my drugstore alternatives. Besides, the lovely packaging puts me in a good mood every single morning.

OK, I’ve got my ten products. That was far too quick, I’m not done yet! It is a little bit disturbing to see how many beautifyers I need to feel fully made up…

  • Finally, I would really like at least one lip product. In fact, I would like one pink tone, a rosy nude, a pale nude and a red, lipsticks, glosses and tinted lip balms, but if I could only have one, this would be it: Naiveté by Calvin Klein. Admittedly, CK Cosmetics aren’t being produced any more, but this lipstick is still available in TK Maxx or on Amazon. I guess I might be cheating a little bit, but since this is just my optional eleventh product, you can hopefully forgive me…

What products would you repurchase first?