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Soon — that is, the 8th of March — the time has finally come: the special Marni collection is available in select H&M stores! This is so much more my style than übersexy Versace and their cooperation. In terms of pricing, the pieces are about 80$, smaller accessories (which do however look quite plasticky and cheap) are just 20$ and nothing is more than 150$, at least not directly at H&M. Unfortunately, I expect some *** to make a small fortune by shopping in bulk and reselling the pieces for ridiculous amounts of money on ebay.

But I’m trying to think positively right now and hoping to get one of these dreamy pieces:

At the official Launch party two days ago, the celebrities looked stunning in their sponsored robes and praised the collection to the skies:

All data(c) H&M

What do you think about this collection? Are you planning on getting anything?