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Gwen Stefani feat. Eve “Rich Girl”

Let’s be honest: if I were incredibly rich, I would probably be just as irresponsible with my money as I am today with my measly income as a student. The following dream pieces would therefore be on my current shopping list:

Obviously, I adore every single piece, but out of these favourites Alexander McQueen’s and Victoria Beckham’s dresses are my highlights (second left from the top and bottom left corner). Just about every girl dreams of a Chanel bag and a Hermes bracelet, right? Perhaps, I will actually able to afford one of the items above next month: it’s the Acne Pistol Boots. I’ve been wanting a pair ever since they came out and I’m still so much in love, I want to go for the original. I’ve heard that the quality actually justifies the price to some extent and a fake would just not be the same (although I have found some VERY similar designs online).

Do you ever dream of luxury items, too, or does the ridiculous pricing put you off so much you lose interest in the piece altogether?  Also, would anyone be interested in a blogpost about copies of the Pistol Boots?