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I just blogged about the German deal I was able to snatch up with Daily Deals. In the UK, Groupon has a similar deal: you pay 9 pounds for a 20 pound voucher, not too bad either…

The reasonable shopper that I am, I looked at jewellery first, since that’s what I need most, obviously (*ahmmm*).  I had intended to move away from the playful, girly accessories and look for more grown-up, simple, slightly geometrical jewellery. That worked semiwell, as these were the first two pieces I spotted:

I just love this necklace, I have never seen anything like it and I’m sure it would look amazing with my blue summer dresses!

But then I actually managed to focus and began to search for sleeker jewellery. Here’s what I found:

I hope you don't mind my German tags, they just state the prices. The necklace on the bottom is unfortunately sold out!

Do you like these choices? What do you think about Asos in general, have you ever ordered anything from their website?