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This is generally a shopping blog, but I came across this political campaign today that really moved me. Most of you will probably know about it already; Joseph Kony is a brutal rebel leader and war criminal from Uganda. This clip by the campaign “Invisible Children” takes 30 minutes, but I just had to watch it all the way through, it is so emotional and informative at the same time:

As you have seen in the video, the 20th of April will be the ‘night of action’, where we will decorate the towns with posters and raise worldwide awareness. You can buy the action kit they talk about, T-shirts or  quite a beautiful awareness bracelet here, of course, with every purchase you will donate money to the campaign.

I’m not sure whether I should invest $30 into the big action kit oder $10 into this cute bracelet:

You can easily find more information on this topic online, for example on websites of the Washington Post or Invisible Children. I really hope that this innovative campaign results in international justice and has an effect on the way we think globally.  The new media might actually be able to change the world!