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Today, I discovered the Spanish brand Skunkfunk on the German shopping club site Brands4Friends. They make stylish fair trade fashion — which is right up my alley!

What I like about it so much is on the one hand their concept of producing timeless, casual fashion sustainably and sell it for reasonable prices. On the other hand, I just love their designs… I had to go ahead and order this skirt (called ‘Aginarte’) right away. I needed to buy it because a) it’s black and white, b) it’s A-line and c) it has pockets. Perfection!

Because of a 10€ voucher I still had from my birthday, it only cost me 31,90€ shipping included.

Skunkfunk clothing is also available in regular online stores, for instance at The Alternative Store in the U.K. Their own site Skunkfunk.com ships to Canada and the U.S.


Fotos (c) Skunkfunk

How do you like this brand? Did you already know about it before?