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As the google header reminded me this morning, today is international women’s day! I’m not sure what to think about this holiday, every year it brings about the same discussion about quota that just doesn’t lead to anything… Then again, I respect the women that have fought so we are now relatively equal to men!

Where I come from, it’s not usual to buy women flowers or candy on this holiday, so I decided to pamper myself and buy myself two lovely things I’ve been lusting after for weeks now, let me just say: Marni for H&M. These beauties landed in my online shopping basket:

I’m so looking forward to this package!




Now I’d like to come to a slightly more serious topic. A few days ago, I read an article on the German beauty blog Beautyjagd that I can’t stop thinking about. It deals with the fact that as someone interested in fashion and beauty you are often accused of being shallow and stupid.   As a blogger, it only gets worse, so only few of my friends know about this hobby. I just don’t expect people (for instance at work) to appreciate or even accept it. Perhaps, I underestimate some people, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I think that this topic is relevant on women’s day, because it has to do with the prestige of typically female interests. Nobody would look down on a man because he is interested in cars! Feminists even blame women like me to throw back the social progress of womankind. A former colleage and convinced feminist once asked me why I had such a complex that I needed cloths and makeup to attract the attention of the other sex. ???  I just couldn’t get her to understand, but maybe you will: it’s not about being sexy and flirting, I’ve been in a happy relationship for years. I simply enjoy experimenting with fashion and I’m bored by jeans and sneakers. Beauty rituals like face masks, peelings or even putting on makeup in the morning make me relax, I never feel compelled to apply makeup or fancy clothing. For me that’s a part of emancipation, the freedom to dress and look the way I like without being judged.

Please excuse this text-heavy post, I just had to get this off my chest. Have you guys made similar experiences? And if so, how do you deal with it?