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So far, I have put off writing about my hair routine. That’s because half a year ago I changed it completely and I’ve been experimenting a lot since then. My hair was very damaged and I couldn’t fix it with all the styling products in the world. By doing some research I found out that my naturally wavy hair didn’t have any volume because I had bombarding it with silicones that were still sticking to the follicles and weighing the hair down. When I had got rid of it with a clearing shampoo, I was shocked at the state of the straw left over on my head. So off to the hairdresser, off with the split ends and only natural hair care from then on.

Since I was on a student budget, started with affordable organic store brands like Alverde (German chain DM), which didn’t work for me and Alterra (Rossmann‘s natural home brand). The Alterra pomegranate range was my favourite discovery, these products worked wonders on my hair. Unfortunately, they are not certified as organic products and do not include the very best ingredients, but they work incredibly well for dry hair.

These really helped my hair to recover and I would definitely recommend them! By now I have tested quite a few things on the proper organic market and am just as happy with these two products:

Logona Ginkgo Shampoo, Santé Conditioner Brilliant Glow

Logona Ginkgo Shampoo, Santé Conditioner Brilliant Glow

Also, I now carefully choose my hair tools. For example, I only comb my wet hair with a big comb with rounded teeth or with the tangle teezers. Unfortunately, this famous plastic brush statically charges my dry hair, so I also need a wooden paddle brush and the tail comb helps me to part my hair.

For the last two months, I haven’t been quite so strict and have been using product with a very low percentage of silicones. Every two weeks, I wash out any possible residue with my trusted cleansing shampoo by Balea.  My absolute favourite of all these hair products is definitely the PHYTO daily moisturiser 9, it is easily applied in wet or dry hair and makes my hair look glossy and smooth.

I hope you liked this mixture of my hair story, my hair routine and some product recommendations. Have you ever checked or noticed that silicones had an influence on your hair?