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Aren’t they absolutely fabulous? I’ve been dreaming of a pair of the iconic acne boots for a few seasons now. Unfortunately, they are priced at 400€, which is definitely out of my budget.

After a few unsuccessful ebay auctions, I went to look for cheaper alternatives. This winter, both the German retailer Görtz and Topshop came out with some extremely popular boots that looked VERY similar to the Acne original. To be honest, they looked so much alike that they were not that appealing to me. I don’t approve of plagiarism and these boots were too close to the original for my personal taste.


These boots are also inspired by the Acne boots, but the differences are slightly more obvious…

1 Bianco: New Lonnie Boot, 69,95€

2 Nilson Shoes: Plain Zip, 1299 SEK

3 Buffalo: Boots, 99,90€

4 Sacha: Ritslaars, 99,95€

And now we come to my new purchase, drumroll…

They differ from the originals in terms of material, seams and heels. I saw them here on the German blog Fashionpuppe and ordered them from the Onlineshop Zarenza. With the coupon code SARAF10E I got 10€ off and I think the quality of the shoes justifies the price. The only issue I have with them is the supersmooth and slippery heels, do you guys have any tips for that (before I fall flat on my face;)?

What do you think about these boots? Are you already over this style?