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My favourite website CLLCT, which is the product of some of the most successful German fashion bloggers, has asked their readers to show an item in their wardrobe which is OLD but GOLD.

So this is my personal oldie, a family heirloom LBD, in which my great aunt used to party in the 8os. It might not fit perfectly, but for the memories I have of this dress, I always feel special wearing it.

I have to apologize for the awful quality of my pictures, now that my digicam has died a sad death my Iphone camera will have to do ’til Christmas. Especially with the little light we have here in autumn and winter, the photos don’t usually turn out well.

Dress, faux fur vest: vintage, necklace: H&M, bracelet: Mango

With the pistol boots, the statement jewellery and the messy hair I tried to make the look more current. I needed the vest for warmth (and its cuddliness;). Do you think this is wearable? Do you have oldies in your closet, too? Then show me and tell their story, I’m so curious!