Fall trends: 10 beauty items under 10€


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With these bargains it takes little effort to go with the beauty trends of autumn 2012:

1. Catrice Eyebrow Stylist “Date with Ashton” (3,49€)

Thick, almost bushy eyebrows are not a completely new and innovative trend, but this fall they are everywhere. I’m a huge fan of natural brows and if mother nature hasn’t given you a lot in that department, make use of a powder or a hard eyebrow pencil. This ashy nuance does not only suit blondes and in my opinion just the name is a good reason to buy it!

2. Maybelline Color Tattoo “On and on Bronze” (7,25€)

This creme eyeshadow looks amazing even solo, and as a base it is great at intensifying warm shimmery powder shadows. Therefore, it’s the perfect base for another big autumn trend: bronzy smokey eyes!

3. Essie “Bahama Mama” (7,95€)

Warm, deep plums belong to autumn and winter, almost like warm scarves and candles. This polish with its weirdly summery name is beautiful, but it does take a few coats and good top coat.

4. Essence Geleyliner “Midnight in Paris” (2,95€)

At the office the dark eyeliner needn’t necessarily be as thick as Lana del Rey, but there is hardly a more classic technique to make your eyes stand out. For a sixties look thick black liner is essential. For beginners gel liner with an angled brush is probably easier to handle than liquid liner. Powdered down with black eyeshadow it lasts forever.

5. Rimmel London Kate Matte “107” (7,75€)

Purple und matte –what more can you ask for this fall!? Unfortunately matte textures are not very forgiving, so you’ll need to use a lip peeling, a heavy moisturizer, leave it to sink in, take off any residue with a tissue, line the lips and paint them with a lipliner of  a similar colour and finally use a brush to apply the lipstick precisely.

6. Elf Eyelash Curler (4,79€)

The natural look is once again a huge trend this fall. For a modern look you should skip mascara! BB-Cream, Concealer, a little blush and curled lashes — you’ll be done in less than five minutes!

7. Maxfactor “False Lash Effect” Gold Edition (9,95€)

However, for a dramatic eye make up, you need dramatic, flashy lashes. That’s where this classic mascara comes in handy! By the way, it is the same product as the American Covergirl Lash Blast, it’s just the European  equivalent.

8. Catrice Blush “Rosewood Forest” (3,49€)

In the drugstore, this silky matte rosewood is completely unique. What would be a better fall look than slightly reddened cheeks like after a walk in the cool wind?? It’s utterly perfect for a natural version of snow white!

9. L’Oreal Indefectible “Permanent Khaki” (7,95€)

Green is a major trend this fall and suits brown and green eyes amazingly. The consistency of the L’Oreal indefectible eyeshadows reminds me a lot of the Armani Eyes to Kill shadows (and both brands are part of the same corporation). They are softly pressed pigments, which leave an intense shimmer on the eyelids. If you apply this colour in the outer corner and on the lower lashline with a smudge brush, it will look supermodern and subtle.

10. Catrice Nagellack “Copper Cabana” (2,49€)

Another summery name, but colourwise, this metallic rusty shade fits perfectly into the fall! It won’t suit every skintone, but if you can pull it of, go for “Copper Cabana”!

Unfortunately my writing feels as rusty as this colour, I’m awfully sorry about that and the length of this post, R-E-S-P-E-C-T if you’re still with me! I’m hoping to get the hang of it soon…

What do you think about these fall trends, do you like to try new things or would you rather stick to what you know suits you? Which trend do you find appealing?

I’m sorry!!!

How, HOW could I leave my blog alone for such a long time??? So I was sick and was under a lot of stress at work, but still… I really missed you guys, missed blogging and chatting about all the lovely frivolous shopping! That’s why I’m back and I hope that you can forgive my long abscence !

My (more or less) realistic objective is to post at least one article a week. Work is still stressful, but I need this time out and opportunity for reflection and communication.

Should you have any wishes or suggestions, please let me know!

I’m on my knees…

Marni@H&M — better late than never…


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First of all, I need to apologize for my long abscene. Unfortunately, my job didn’t leave enough time to blog and I have sworn to never write under pressure or when I’m not in the mood. As a reader, I can usually tell when an article is patched together and I don’t want to produce anything like it.

Not just this post, my order for Marni@H&M was also long in coming. I had gone for the cognac-coloured, dotted dress from the commercial and the black necklace with the big plastic flowers — but see for yourself:

Hellooooo crumpled potatoe sack! Even the belt can't save this...

I much prefer the necklace! It’s not for everyone, but I really like this unique piece of jewellery!

As you can probably tell, I’m not as crazy about this collaboration any more; the cut and quality of the dress were just too disappointing. What are your thoughts on Marni for H&M? Did you get anything?

Acne Pistol Boots: the Original and Alternatives


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Aren’t they absolutely fabulous? I’ve been dreaming of a pair of the iconic acne boots for a few seasons now. Unfortunately, they are priced at 400€, which is definitely out of my budget.

After a few unsuccessful ebay auctions, I went to look for cheaper alternatives. This winter, both the German retailer Görtz and Topshop came out with some extremely popular boots that looked VERY similar to the Acne original. To be honest, they looked so much alike that they were not that appealing to me. I don’t approve of plagiarism and these boots were too close to the original for my personal taste.


These boots are also inspired by the Acne boots, but the differences are slightly more obvious…

1 Bianco: New Lonnie Boot, 69,95€

2 Nilson Shoes: Plain Zip, 1299 SEK

3 Buffalo: Boots, 99,90€

4 Sacha: Ritslaars, 99,95€

And now we come to my new purchase, drumroll…

They differ from the originals in terms of material, seams and heels. I saw them here on the German blog Fashionpuppe and ordered them from the Onlineshop Zarenza. With the coupon code SARAF10E I got 10€ off and I think the quality of the shoes justifies the price. The only issue I have with them is the supersmooth and slippery heels, do you guys have any tips for that (before I fall flat on my face;)?

What do you think about these boots? Are you already over this style?

Hairy Business…


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So far, I have put off writing about my hair routine. That’s because half a year ago I changed it completely and I’ve been experimenting a lot since then. My hair was very damaged and I couldn’t fix it with all the styling products in the world. By doing some research I found out that my naturally wavy hair didn’t have any volume because I had bombarding it with silicones that were still sticking to the follicles and weighing the hair down. When I had got rid of it with a clearing shampoo, I was shocked at the state of the straw left over on my head. So off to the hairdresser, off with the split ends and only natural hair care from then on.

Since I was on a student budget, started with affordable organic store brands like Alverde (German chain DM), which didn’t work for me and Alterra (Rossmann‘s natural home brand). The Alterra pomegranate range was my favourite discovery, these products worked wonders on my hair. Unfortunately, they are not certified as organic products and do not include the very best ingredients, but they work incredibly well for dry hair.

These really helped my hair to recover and I would definitely recommend them! By now I have tested quite a few things on the proper organic market and am just as happy with these two products:

Logona Ginkgo Shampoo, Santé Conditioner Brilliant Glow

Logona Ginkgo Shampoo, Santé Conditioner Brilliant Glow

Also, I now carefully choose my hair tools. For example, I only comb my wet hair with a big comb with rounded teeth or with the tangle teezers. Unfortunately, this famous plastic brush statically charges my dry hair, so I also need a wooden paddle brush and the tail comb helps me to part my hair.

For the last two months, I haven’t been quite so strict and have been using product with a very low percentage of silicones. Every two weeks, I wash out any possible residue with my trusted cleansing shampoo by Balea.  My absolute favourite of all these hair products is definitely the PHYTO daily moisturiser 9, it is easily applied in wet or dry hair and makes my hair look glossy and smooth.

I hope you liked this mixture of my hair story, my hair routine and some product recommendations. Have you ever checked or noticed that silicones had an influence on your hair?

Musings on international women’s day and a small haul


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As the google header reminded me this morning, today is international women’s day! I’m not sure what to think about this holiday, every year it brings about the same discussion about quota that just doesn’t lead to anything… Then again, I respect the women that have fought so we are now relatively equal to men!

Where I come from, it’s not usual to buy women flowers or candy on this holiday, so I decided to pamper myself and buy myself two lovely things I’ve been lusting after for weeks now, let me just say: Marni for H&M. These beauties landed in my online shopping basket:

I’m so looking forward to this package!




Now I’d like to come to a slightly more serious topic. A few days ago, I read an article on the German beauty blog Beautyjagd that I can’t stop thinking about. It deals with the fact that as someone interested in fashion and beauty you are often accused of being shallow and stupid.   As a blogger, it only gets worse, so only few of my friends know about this hobby. I just don’t expect people (for instance at work) to appreciate or even accept it. Perhaps, I underestimate some people, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I think that this topic is relevant on women’s day, because it has to do with the prestige of typically female interests. Nobody would look down on a man because he is interested in cars! Feminists even blame women like me to throw back the social progress of womankind. A former colleage and convinced feminist once asked me why I had such a complex that I needed cloths and makeup to attract the attention of the other sex. ???  I just couldn’t get her to understand, but maybe you will: it’s not about being sexy and flirting, I’ve been in a happy relationship for years. I simply enjoy experimenting with fashion and I’m bored by jeans and sneakers. Beauty rituals like face masks, peelings or even putting on makeup in the morning make me relax, I never feel compelled to apply makeup or fancy clothing. For me that’s a part of emancipation, the freedom to dress and look the way I like without being judged.

Please excuse this text-heavy post, I just had to get this off my chest. Have you guys made similar experiences? And if so, how do you deal with it?

Fair Trade: Skunkfunk — Preciosa moda de España


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Today, I discovered the Spanish brand Skunkfunk on the German shopping club site Brands4Friends. They make stylish fair trade fashion — which is right up my alley!

What I like about it so much is on the one hand their concept of producing timeless, casual fashion sustainably and sell it for reasonable prices. On the other hand, I just love their designs… I had to go ahead and order this skirt (called ‘Aginarte’) right away. I needed to buy it because a) it’s black and white, b) it’s A-line and c) it has pockets. Perfection!

Because of a 10€ voucher I still had from my birthday, it only cost me 31,90€ shipping included.

Skunkfunk clothing is also available in regular online stores, for instance at The Alternative Store in the U.K. Their own site Skunkfunk.com ships to Canada and the U.S.


Fotos (c) Skunkfunk

How do you like this brand? Did you already know about it before?

A little depth for once… Kony 2012


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This is generally a shopping blog, but I came across this political campaign today that really moved me. Most of you will probably know about it already; Joseph Kony is a brutal rebel leader and war criminal from Uganda. This clip by the campaign “Invisible Children” takes 30 minutes, but I just had to watch it all the way through, it is so emotional and informative at the same time:

As you have seen in the video, the 20th of April will be the ‘night of action’, where we will decorate the towns with posters and raise worldwide awareness. You can buy the action kit they talk about, T-shirts or  quite a beautiful awareness bracelet here, of course, with every purchase you will donate money to the campaign.

I’m not sure whether I should invest $30 into the big action kit oder $10 into this cute bracelet:

You can easily find more information on this topic online, for example on websites of the Washington Post or Invisible Children. I really hope that this innovative campaign results in international justice and has an effect on the way we think globally.  The new media might actually be able to change the world!

Shopping tip: UK asos deal


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I just blogged about the German deal I was able to snatch up with Daily Deals. In the UK, Groupon has a similar deal: you pay 9 pounds for a 20 pound voucher, not too bad either…

The reasonable shopper that I am, I looked at jewellery first, since that’s what I need most, obviously (*ahmmm*).  I had intended to move away from the playful, girly accessories and look for more grown-up, simple, slightly geometrical jewellery. That worked semiwell, as these were the first two pieces I spotted:

I just love this necklace, I have never seen anything like it and I’m sure it would look amazing with my blue summer dresses!

But then I actually managed to focus and began to search for sleeker jewellery. Here’s what I found:

I hope you don't mind my German tags, they just state the prices. The necklace on the bottom is unfortunately sold out!

Do you like these choices? What do you think about Asos in general, have you ever ordered anything from their website?


Beauty Hits and Misses of February 2012


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Hits – hero products of the month:

  • Neutrogena Handcreme: I have no idea what I would have done without this creme. My skin was so dry it was actually patchy and itching, but after applying this concentrated cream for a few days, it was back to normal.
  • Sleek Au-Natural Palette: After I had shamelessly neglected it for weeks, I used it almost exclusively in February. It is just so perfect for a subtle office look and has all the shades you need for a quick eye make up.
  • Catrice Female Cream to Powder Blush: The texture and colour are just absolutely amazing and the blush stays on for an entire day.
  • Alverde Shimmer Powder: A beautiful, subtle highlighter. I use it generously all over my face with the exception of my T-Zone and my skin looks even and glowing.
  • MNY Lipstick Concrete Rocker 163A: A gorgeous, sheer strawberry red. This is the first lipstick I have ever worn to work and felt comfortable with, I really like it a lot.
  • Essence Nail Polish “Mother Earth is Watching You”: Firstly, I like the colour a lot, it goes with everything and seems elegant. Secondly, I have never owned a cheap nailpolish that stays on this long. I wore it for an entire week — without a topcoat!

Flops – small disappointments:

  • Medipharma Olive Oil Handcreme: unfortunately it just isn’t rich enough for my dry skin. I was expecting a lot more from a pharmacy product.
  • Balea Shower gel Zuckerschnute: so many German bloggers were raving about this product that I gave in to the hype. However, I don’t like the intense sweet-citrussy smell when it foams up. I will use it up, but the smell is a bit much for me in the mornings.
  • Rival de Loop oilfree eye makeup remover: Another raved about product that doesn’t live up to the hype — in my opinion. My eye area is dry as it is and this makeup remover makes it a lot worse. Also, I wake up with panda eyes every morning, because this product doesn’t remove gel liner or mascara properly.